During an event about tax reform on Tuesday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) claimed that spending money on education was the best way to raise federal revenues.

“Nothing brings more money to the Treasury than investing in education,” Pelosi said before pushing education across age levels.

Pelosi brought students and lawmakers to speak at Tuesday's event, which centered around congressional Republicans' plan to eliminate the student loan interest deduction as part of a broader tax reform package.

“The bill would be crushing [...] a generation of graduates under a mountain of debt and cast an even longer shadow over their future,” she said.

Calling the tax bill “destructive” and a “middle-class nightmare,” Pelosi decried Republicans' attempt to repeal a tax provision that deducts federal taxes for people paying state and local income taxes.

“The SALT, the state and local tax deduction, which they are attacking, helps fund our schools,” Pelosi argued. “This is very essential to not only the education but also the physical safety of young people in our communities.”

Watch Pelosi's comments, via Facebook.

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