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Five states — California, New York, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware — are imploring a federal judge to stop President Donald Trump's recent backpedaling of Obamacare birth-control mandates.

The five states' attorneys general have filed a motion for a preliminary injunction with a federal judge serving on the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. The motion, which is part of a larger lawsuit that was filed in October, was filed Thursday evening, according to The Hill.

Trump's rollback of the Obama-era mandates means that an employer or insurer can stop adhering to the birth-control mandate on moral and religious grounds if they so choose.

This is a significant alteration from the mandates under Obamacare, which required that employers provide health care that provides birth control without the need for a co-pay.

Additionally, another similar change allows publicly traded companies to obtain a religious exemption.

The ACLU, for its part, filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration not long after the exemptions were put in place.

As previously reported by IJR, ACLU Senior Staff Attorney Brigitte Amiri said that the ACLU “will challenge both rules as being blatantly unconstitutional.”

“They both violate the separation of church and state and also discriminate against women by allowing employers to withhold a benefit that is guaranteed by law,” she said.

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