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Former Vice President Joe Biden, in an interview set to be released Tuesday, claimed that while he isn't actively planning on running for president in 2020, he can't entirely rule out the option.

In an interview with Snapchat's “Good Luck America," Biden admitted that he has been at campaigning and politics in general for "a long time" and that he's "just not sure it's the appropriate thing for [him] to do,” when speaking of a potential run in 2020.

During a recent interview with Oprah Winfrey, however, Biden confessed that he felt that he was “the most qualified person" for the position of president in the 2016 election. He continued to say that he regretted the fact that he wasn't president because he felt that "there is so much opportunity," but ultimately felt as though his decision not to run was "the right decision for [his] family.”

In the Associated Press's teaser of Tuesday's interview, the former vice president didn't entirely rule out a run in the future, though. If “no one steps up,” he said, he'd be willing to try for the Oval Office again.

The admission came with a caveat, however: “I'm not doing anything to run. I'm not taking names, I'm not raising money, I'm not talking to anybody, but something's got to happen.”

Biden did, though, confess to there being a need for a change. “We gotta turn this ship around,” he said, “And I'd much prefer to be helping someone turn it around than being the guy trying to turn it around.”

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