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WATCH: MSNBC Host On Franken Scandal"I'm just sitting here dumb-founded. I cannot believe all of this is happening."

During his Wednesday broadcast, Fox News host Sean Hannity seemed satisfied with the explanations Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore gave that day, and emphasized that voters deserved the ability to make an informed choice in the state's special election on Dec. 12.

“We demanded — rightly — answers to Judge Moore. He provided them to the specific questions we asked,” Hannity said. Tuesday's “Hannity” featured an ultimatum from the Fox host to Moore, giving him 24 hours to clarify his story regarding alleged sexual misconduct he pursued with underage girls.

In the proceeding 24 hours, Moore published an open letter to Hannity and Moore's attorney held a press conference in which he cast doubt on one of the accusers' claims:

That night, Hannity read Moore's letter which reiterated his claim that liberals were attempting to “smear” his character and end his campaign for Senate. Moore repeated his attorney's suspicion that someone tampered with one of his accusers' yearbooks to make it look like he signed it, something that would cast doubt on his claim he didn't know the alleged victim at the time.

“The people of Alabama — they need to know the truth,” Hannity declared on Wednesday.

Watch Hannity's comments below, via Fox News.

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