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Ever wonder how much food it takes to provide U.S. service members stationed abroad with a homestyle Thanksgiving dinner? Us, too!

According to a U.S. Department of Defense report, the numbers are pretty incredible.

Most Americans generally cook a 15-pound turkey for their meal on the last Thursday in November. That's usually enough to feed 10 people. Well, the Defense Department provides 98,820 pounds of turkey for military service members who can't make it home for the Thanksgiving holiday.

(Based on this math-challenged reporter's calculations, that's enough turkey to feed 65,880 people.)

Not a turkey fan? Don't fret! The Defense Department understands that not everyone loves poultry. They also provide 47,880 pounds of beef, 31,650 pounds of ham, and 30,840 pounds of shrimp for the troops.

But what about the trimmings? While the report from 2017 didn't provide any numbers for the side dishes, a report from 2015 claimed that upward of 9,114 pounds of stuffing mix went into the dinner prepared for the service members stationed abroad.

Don't think that they forgot about dessert, either! If the troops still have room in their bellies after all that, they can help themselves to a portion of the 6,288 pies or 9,378 cakes. (And to answer the obvious question, yes, cheesecakes are included in that number: There are 382 provided.)

To wash it all down is 3,110 gallons of grape juice or 918 gallons of eggnog (gotta have a little taste of the upcoming Christmas holiday in there!).

The food is provided by the Defense Logistics Agency, a branch of the Defense Department that supports combat logistics.

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