Kate Steinle

During the sixth day of deliberations Thursday, the jury for Jose Ines Garcia Zarate — who shot Kate Steinle in 2015 — found him not guilty of murder.

Steinle died after Zarate's bullet ricocheted off of a pier in San Francisco, something the defense said happened unintentionally when the gun — which Zarate allegedly found on the pier that day — fired accidentally, Fox News reported.

Prosecutors argued that when he shot Steinle, Zarate was “playing his own secret version of Russian roulette.”

While the jurors didn't hear evidence regarding Zarate's immigration status, the shooting came roughly three months after a San Francisco jail released him despite federal immigration authorities' request he remain detained before his deportation.

The shooting, which occurred in a so-called sanctuary city, sparked a national debate about immigration reform.

Since taking office, President Donald Trump's administration has tightened immigration enforcement and warned sanctuary cities they could lose funding if they refuse to cooperate with federal authorities.

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