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On Sunday, President Donald Trump's senior adviser Jared Kushner participated in the keynote conversation at the Saban Forum.

Kushner acknowledged the uphill battle his father-in-law faces in establishing a peace deal between Palestine and Israel but noted that it wouldn't be the first time he's overcome the odds.

“The president has a very long career of accomplishing things that a lot of people say were impossible,” Kushner told the audience. “The most recent example of that is the election.”

He explained that the beginning of the process of creating a peace deal consisted of a lot of naysayers who said the “conditions weren't right” and that they were “wasting” their time. However, the administration fully believes peace is “achievable.”

Kushner admitted it's “not a conventional team” championing the peace deal, but he said they're all qualified and looking toward a lasting solution.

“We don't view a peace agreement just as signing a piece of paper and then hoping everything works out,” he explained. “We're focused on what happens after and how do you create an environment where 10 years down the road the people who are beneficiaries of the peace have jobs and opportunity that they didn't have before.”

While there are many factors and challenges to consider, simply put, Kushner explained that a peace deal is dependent on trust.

“What we found originally was that there was a lot of hesitancy from the people on both sides to share ideas to really explore the ideas with us in a way that could be constructive to come to conclusions,” Kushner revealed.

However, after the involved parties realized that there wouldn't be leaks and “honest and open dialogues” were possible, the conversation opened up.

Kushner also credited Trump with establishing a level of trust between the leadership on both sides, which has paved the way for a possible deal.

“While I've been working the problem for the president the fact that both sides trust him and know that he has the right intentions and the right creativity and the right desires to see this happen has been very important,” he explained. “Trust is earned, it's not granted.”

Kushner added that the process has consisted of a lot of listening: to issues, red lines and explanations from both sides as to why those red lines exist.

Kushner said that through listening, the United States will be able to broker a deal that “comes from the region” instead of being imposed on the region.

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