Chris Cuomo: Roy Moore Endorsement Suggests Trump Has 'No Standard of Morality'

| DEC 6, 2017 | 1:49 PM
Kellyanne Conway Chris Cuomo CNN 12-6-17

During Wednesday's broadcast of “New Day,” CNN host Chris Cuomo doubted whether President Donald Trump had a “standard of morality” after he endorsed embattled Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.

Trump, Cuomo charged, ignored Moore's alleged indiscretions — including molesting a 14-year-old girl — for political reasons.

“It seems like that you have no standard of morality. That it's all political pragmatism,” Cuomo told White House adviser Kellyanne Conway.

When Conway seemed disgruntled by Cuomo appearing to criticize her, Cuomo clarified that he directed his criticism at Trump.

“No, not you. I'm saying the president's position. No, I know you and I love you. I'm talking about President Trump. If anything, you benefit from bias on my [be]half because I've known you for 20 years,” Cuomo said.

Prior to Cuomo's comments, Conway reiterated Trump's complaint that Democratic candidate Doug Jones would “be a reliable vote for tax hikes.”

She was likely referring to Trump's Monday tweets in which he worried about Jones's political leanings and backed Moore as a way to pass tax cuts.

Watch their exchange below, via CNN.