Joy Behar 12-7-17

During Thursday's broadcast of “The View,” co-host Joy Behar suggested the recent outbreak of California wildfires “must have something to do with the planet heating up.”

After co-host Whoopi Goldberg explained that the latest bout of wildfires was the largest to hit the region in 56 years, Behar said that “it was so dry and hot” in California.

Goldberg claimed that the area didn't see any rain for more than three months. “And so, when it gets very dry and dusty like that, anything — if you flick a light or there's a spark. If it finds something, it will burn it,” she added.

As The Washington Post reported, wildfires forced a new round of evacuations in California on Thursday and shut down major roadways. The Post had more details on the scene in California:

With flames racing across Ventura and Los Angeles counties this week, entire communities were emptied as tens of thousands of Californians and visitors grabbed what they could and fled. The infernos burned through untold numbers of buildings, creating scenes of apocalyptic destruction. Fire and choking smoke seemed to be everywhere.

The largest of the wildfires — the Thomas Fire, which spanned about 150 square miles in Ventura County, roughly the size of Denver — surrounded Ojai on Thursday morning, officials said, endangering the popular winter retreat that is normally home to about 8,000 people. Most of the Ojai Valley was under a mandatory evacuation order.

Watch “The View” hosts' comments below, via ABC.

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