Ex-Secret Service Agent Says US 'Would've Rightfully Exploded' if Agents Had Plotted Against Obama

| DEC 17, 2017 | 2:21 PM

If there's one thing that Dan Bongino knows, it's law enforcement. The New York police officer turned Secret Service agent has seen his share of investigations on both the local and a federal levels.

Bongino did what fired Peter Strzok probably should have when he decided that he wanted to be politically active — he left his employment as a federal agent to do so.

On Saturday morning, Bongino joined “Fox & Friends” to discuss Strzok, the uncovered emails and the impact all of this is having on the reputation of the FBI. He was quick to first jump to the defense of the thousands of agents who are simply doing their jobs, protecting and serving the American people:

"You know, you can thank the FBI right now, because there's a terrorist in jail, some internet pedophile is being investigated right now because of the unbelievably passionate hard work of them.

But, guys, that does not absolve a couple of high-level managers from the mistake they made — but it should not at all reflect on them all."

But then Bongino really let loose on those he felt were causing the problems:

"You have two senior managers in the FBI responsible for the two biggest investigations possibly in any of our lifetimes: Clinton e-mail, and the Donald Trump-Russia fairytale X-files conspiracy theory.

And they're talking about an insurance policy? An insurance policy against what?

During the election.

If this — rightfully so, by the way — if that was an email about Barack Obama in 2008, this country would've rightfully exploded."

You can watch the entire exchange below, via Fox News: