Before Trump Boards Air Force One, He Stops to Wish a Merry Christmas to These American Heroes

| DEC 22, 2017 | 7:47 PM

After signing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in the Oval Office, President Donald Trump headed to Joint Base Andrews to board Air Force One so he could spend Christmas at Mar-a-Lago. Before he boarded the plane, he had just one last thing to do.

Waiting on the tarmac were some members of the military and their families who wanted to get a glimpse of their commander in chief. Trump walked over to greet them and to wish them a merry Christmas.

“While you were down here, I wanted to say hello,” Trump said, according to a press pool report.

He also took selfies with some of the troops:

On Thursday, Trump also visited wounded warriors being treated at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. While he was there, he awarded one of them the Purple Heart, and another surprised him by showing he had a “Trump” sticker on the back of his wheelchair.