Vanity Fair Brutally Mocks Hillary Clinton in New Year's Resolution Video — And Liberals Are Fuming

| DEC 28, 2017 | 1:12 AM

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

For liberals, Vanity Fair went too far.

Hillary Clinton is regarded as the ultimate symbol of resistance against Donald Trump and his administration, and her loyalists couldn't take it when Vanity Fair released a list of New Year's resolutions for the former secretary of state.

Some of the Vanity Fair staff compiled a hilarious list of things for Hillary to do in 2018. The list included things like working on the sequel to her book, titled “What the HELL Happened,” knitting, teaching classes on alternate nostril breathing, and meeting random strangers while hiking.

Perhaps the most vicious was the straightforward, “It's a year later and time to move on.”

Was Vanity Fair intending to be as harsh as it comes across? Twitter certainly didn't have a kind reaction to it:

That didn't go as planned.