Dem. Rep Uses Iran Protests to Attack President Trump — It Goes About as Well as You’d Think

| DEC 31, 2017 | 3:20 PM

Rep. Ted Lieu/Facebook

In the last days before the New Year, the streets of Iran erupted in protests. Citizens called for an end to corruption in government and for better living conditions.

President Donald Trump responded to the protests via Twitter:

And while the world watched, waiting to see whether Iran would take the next steps toward modern values, one Democratic congressman tried to make it all about Trump instead:

Ted Lieu (D-CA) has often attacked Trump — but this particular comment had the eyebrows raising a little faster than usual:

Media coverage of the protests also raised questions — mainly regarding just how little coverage there was. “Who is covering it better” even led to a bit of a dustup between CNN anchor Jake Tapper and Fox News contributor Stephen Miller.

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