Michael Wolff Drops Stunning New Claim About the Motive Behind His Tell-All Book

| JAN 6, 2018 | 7:25 PM

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Michael Wolff's new book, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” continues to dominate the headlines.

On Friday, President Donald Trump went after Wolff on Twitter for the book.

Trump tweeted:

So what was Wolff's motivation behind the book? During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Wolff shared some of thinking behind it.

When he was asked if he ever became concerned with what he heard inside the White House, Wolf said:

"Because of what they said? No. I wasn't feeling like 'I'm a Democrat and you're a Republican' kind of thing at that point. It was just a feeling of, 'Oh my God — this is how it really is.' It was so interesting to have access to that. But there was no sense of 'You're a bad guy and I'm a good guy.'

In a way that was one of the advantages that helped me during this whole last year. Where most reporters seemed to think, 'You're the opposition — you're the Trump people,' that never once crossed my mind. The only thing I felt was, 'God, this is so interesting to see up close.'"

Then, he claimed he didn't take a side writing the book.

“Again, I just wrote what I thought and what I heard. That's one thing about the book: There really aren't any politics in the book. I have no side here. I'm just interested in how people relate to one another, their ability to do their jobs and a much less abstract picture of this world than whatever the political thesis may or may not be.”

He went further, though, stating that if he saw different things, he would have put out a positive book about the president.

Wolff said:

"I would have been perfectly happy to have written a contrarian book about how interesting and potentially hopeful and novel Trump-as-president was. I would have written a positive Trump book. And I thought it would be a fun thing to do — an audacious way to look at the world. But then I got in there and I thought, 'Oh my God.'

Day after day it just seemed that this guy was more dysfunctional. It wasn't even me seeing that. It was listening to the people around him."

Another claim Wolff made Saturday, as reported by Independent Journal Review, is that his book will help “end” Trump's presidency. For a book that is, according to his words, not about “politics,” you can't get more political than that.

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