Iranian 'Freedom Fighter' Thanked Trump and Wants All Countries to Follow His Lead

| JAN 6, 2018 | 8:24 PM

After protests erupted throughout Iran, President Donald Trump and his administration repeatedly offered messages of support.

On Twitter, Trump called for change and said the Iranian people will “see great support from the United States at the appropriate time!”

A 31-year-old protest leader in Tehran, whom Fox News identified as Azi, explained it's a “real revolution against the mullahs” and expressed gratitude for the American president.

“I thank Mr. Trump for his support, but we need more,” he told Fox News.

Nik, a 27-year-old engineering student in Tehran, reiterated Azi's stance and explained that while they're grateful for Trump's support, “we need all the countries not to remain silent.”

According to BBC, over 1,000 people have been arrested in connection with the protests, but Azi said consequences are of no concern to them:

“This time, even if we die, we will not stop. This is the price of freedom. We are not afraid. I am a freedom fighter. Maybe tonight I will be killed.”

Nik added that “we will continue until we overthrow this regime” and said it's not just about economics but also politics.

Not everyone is onboard with America's sentiments toward the protesters, however.

BBC reported that Saturday, Iranian state TV broadcast footage of pro-government rallies. Attendees reportedly shouted, “death to America,” “death to Israel,” and “death to Britain.”

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