In Letter to Speaker Ryan, Top Dems Accuse Republicans of Stonewalling Russia Probe to Protect Trump

| JAN 9, 2018 | 9:42 PM

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Top House Democrats said Tuesday that Republicans “have chosen to put President Trump ahead of our national interests” by failing to “fully investigate” Russia's threat to the United States.

“Rather than pursue the truth on behalf of the American people, House Republicans have waged an aggressive campaign to shut down congressional and criminal investigations into Russia's attack,” the lawmakers wrote in a letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.).

Six Democrats in total signed the letter, including the Oversight Committee's Elijah Cummings, the Judiciary Committee's Jerrold Nadler, the Foreign Affairs Committee's Eliot Engel, the Financial Services Committee's Maxine Waters, the Homeland Security Committee's Bennie Thompson, and the House Administration Committee's Robert Brady.

The lawmakers accused House GOP leaders of ignoring a number of issues including the Kremlin's attempts at interfering in “at least 21 state elections” and critical vulnerabilities in the nation's infrastructure, including electricity grids.

“Republican House leaders and Committee chairmen have blocked, stonewalled, and rejected our basic requests to investigate, hold public hearings, and advance legislation to address these matters,” they wrote.

Republicans have dismissed similar complaints and cite the yearlong investigation by the House intelligence committee as evidence against claims that they have ignored the Russian threat. Democrats are calling for more.

“To date, the House has held only one full committee public hearing on the most significant finding of the ODNI report: that our elections continue to be vulnerable to foreign interference in the future,” they wrote.

“Instead, they have relegated this issue to a handful of toothless subcommittee hearings, which have been marked by the Trump administration's refusal to provide documents requested by Democrats that would help inform our work ... Our country, our democracy, and the American public deserve better.”