Sarah Huckabee Sanders Gave Attendee Chance to Plug Her Business During Empowering Women's Symposium

| JAN 16, 2018 | 9:11 PM

On Tuesday, the White House hosted the Empowering Women Symposium, which featured commentary from various women within the administration and focused on issues that affect the female workforce.

First daughter Ivanka Trump highlighted the ways the new tax plan will help women and specifically business owners.

She also discussed the need to not only encourage women to go to school and study highly profitable subjects such as engineering and science, but to then pursue a career in those fields.

The event was moderated by White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who repeatedly mentioned how nice it was to be in front of people who weren't shouting questions at her.

At one point, she handed the microphone off to a group of women who touted various professions ranging from mom to Forbes contributor. One woman, Sharon Levell, explained that she owns a jewelry store in the Atlanta area.

Without missing a beat, Sanders light-heartedly made a business connection and informed the audience Levell was there for everyone's “wedding ring” and "diamond needs.

“You can give your husbands or boyfriends her contact information, she'll be happy to help them out later,” Sanders added.

While the audience laughed, Trump chimed in and explained that she has a few people for the store and noted her secret skill is “matchmaking.”

It may have started out as a simple quip, but it gave the woman the opportunity to drop the name of her business during an event that was broadcast to an estimated 100 million households by C-SPAN.

“Since Sarah gave me a lovely plug, it's called Dunwoody Diamonds USA,” she said.

The audience and panelists met the bold maneuver with applause and a few comments of, “That was great.”

Levell also revealed that as a business owner, she is “ecstatic” about the new tax plan.

Watch below.