Speaker Ryan's Office Releases Statement Exposing Dem Hypocrisy Over Looming Government Shutdown

| JAN 19, 2018 | 5:44 PM

Zach Gibson/Getty Images

Brendan Buck, counselor to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, exposed the Democrats' hypocrisy on government shutdowns in a statement released Friday.

“There is no objective way to look at what is happening here other than Democrats are forcing the government to shut down,” Buck said in the statement.

This is a political strategy that Senate Democrats were forced into by their base. This is exactly the tactic they decried four and a half years ago. And yet here we are."

During the Obama administration, many Democrats and those in the media were quick to blame Republicans for any threat of a government shutdown, particularly over Obamacare. The same scenario is now playing out among Democrats and the media.

The Democrats insist on an immigration fix for many young illegal immigrants currently living in the country and are prepared to shut the government down to get what they want. The GOP wants to work on a fix after the government is funded.

“The president certainly doesn’t want a shutdown. And if one happens, I think you only have one place to look, and that's to the Democrats, who are holding our military and our national security hostage by trying to push through other policies that have nothing to do with the budget,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Wednesday.

The government is set to shut down Friday night if Senate Republicans and Democrats cannot agree to a continuing resolution.

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