FBI Reviewing Second Trump-Russia Dossier: Report

| JAN 30, 2018 | 5:31 PM

Jorge Silva/Getty Images

Another Trump-Russia dossier, which contains similar allegations made in the controversial Christopher Steele dossier, is being reviewed by the FBI as part of its ongoing inquiry into Russia's meddling in the 2016 presidential election, according to a new report.

A source with knowledge of the dossier told The Guardian that the second dossier, written by former journalist and controversial political activist Cody Shearer, is still being assessed by the FBI, which suggests investigators may be taking aspects of it seriously.

According to the report, both the Shearer dossier and the Steele dossier, which BuzzFeed News published in 2016, allege that the president was “compromised during a 2013 trip to Moscow that involved lewd acts in a five-star hotel.”

While the Guardian states it can not verify any of the claims, the Shearer dossier cites an unnamed source within Russia’s Federal Security Service. Shearer, however, remains a controversial figure who was close to the Clinton White House in the 1990s.

Trump and the White House have vehemently denied all allegations of collusion with Russia, and the unsubstantiated claims in the controversial Steele dossier.

The news comes as the administration and some Republicans continue to criticize the ongoing investigation into Russia's impact on the 2016 election — with some even calling for the president to fire Mueller.

Last week, news broke that Trump reportedly ordered Mueller's firing just weeks into the investigation, only to be stopped after the White House counsel threatened to quit in protest.