ABC News Joins CNN, NBC — Raves Over North Korean 'Matching Outfits, Synchronized Chants'

| FEB 11, 2018 | 3:08 PM

Carl Court/Getty Images

While millions worldwide watch the best athletes compete for gold and glory in the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, millions of Americans are also watching another drama unfold: the media's apparent fascination with all things North Korean.

While a little bit of curiosity about the secretive regime is certainly understandable and maybe even warranted, the media response to what some are calling a “charm offensive” on the part of North Korea is a little baffling to many:

Some even saw it coming:

But, as Federalist contributor James Hasson noted, media outlets — and not just American media outlets — fell for it anyway.

CNN took a beating for suggesting that Kim Yo Jong, sister of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, was comparable to Ivanka Trump, the president's eldest daughter, and for claiming that she was “stealing the show.”

NBC News delivered such effusive praise that the network eventually deleted a tweet that called the North Korean cheer squad “so satisfying to watch.”

ABC News also had a difficult time getting over the cheer squad:

Meanwhile, the same network went after Vice President Mike Pence for daring to suggest that a U.S. military parade might be different than one put on by an oppressive regime — intent on menacing other nations the world over — where the soldiers are forced into service and the people are forced to attend:

That's not the same:

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