Ingraham Exposes Internal Email Telling Deputies to 'Vigorously Support' Sheriff Israel From Media

| FEB 27, 2018 | 4:48 PM

On Monday night, Laura Ingraham exposed an internal email from the Broward County Sheriff's Office that instructed those in the department to defend Sheriff Scott Israel from the criticism that was pouring in.

The email said:

At the moment we find our agency up against a flurry of media allegations and a personal attack against our Sheriff. SI stood with us now we must stand with him. [...] It's important that they know we "stand as one" during this difficult time. [...]

It's important that they understand as leadership we have provided direction with best practice of policy & procedure.

Ingraham slammed Israel for making the focus of the tragic event on himself. She explained that Israel “decided to join forces with the pro-gun control lobby” and made time to attend a CNN town hall on guns.

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However, this took much of the attention off the mistakes the department made, like the 23 calls — at least — it received about the shooter before the tragedy.

Ingraham said, “The focus should be on getting to the bottom of what happened, [it] shouldn't be about saving [Israel's] job.”

Florida Gov. Rick Scott has asked for Israel's resignation as a result of the mistakes, but the sheriff has refused and even stated that he has “given amazing leadership” to the agency.

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