Student Brags About Hanging Up on WH — Other Says 'Let Us Rebuild the World That You F**ked Up'

| MAR 4, 2018 | 4:48 AM

Students Cameron Kasky and David Hogg have been in the spotlight recently as they have become some of the most passionate gun control advocates in the country after they survived the Parkland shooting at their high school.

They recently appeared on HBO's “Real Time with Bill Maher” and did not hesitate to lash out at politicians and even the White House for the lack of action on gun control.

“They work for us, we don't work for them ... you guys suck at your job,” Kasky said. “We don't respect you just because you have 'senator' in front of your name.”

Hogg then boasted about hanging up on the White House and that it was "very offensive considering the fact that there were funerals the next day, there was mourning we still had to do.”

He claimed that “we don't need to listen to President [Donald] Trump. President Trump needs to listen to the screams of the children and the screams of this nation.”

Kasky then chimed in, slamming lawmakers:

“We appreciate that you are willing to let us rebuild the world that you f**ked up."

Watch the video above.