NBA Legend Kobe Bryant Just Won an Oscar — Really

| MAR 5, 2018 | 5:01 PM

Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images

Kobe Bryant proved that basketball players can do more than dribble when he took home the award for best animated short film at the Oscars.

The short film was based on his poem, “Dear Basketball,” which Bryant had written to formally announce his retirement.

“I feel better than winning a championship, to be honest with you. I swear I do,” Bryant told reporters after the event.

Bryant's award marks the first time a former professional athlete has won an Oscar. Many took to Twitter to congratulate him on his accomplishment.

However, some also called attention to the fact that Bryant has been accused of sexual assault in the past and allegedly paid his victim to drop the charges.

Bryant was never officially found guilty in a court of law. Since his retirement from the NBA, he has been working on projects for his media company, Granity Studios.