Illinois Bill Ordering Gun Owners to Turn in or Transfer Ownership of 'Assault' Rifles Passes State House

| MAR 9, 2018 | 7:06 PM

Scott Olson/Getty Images

As different states are looking at their gun laws in the aftermath of mass shootings, the Illinois State House and Senate passed a bill in late February that would require 18- to 20-year-olds to turn in their “assault rifles” within 90 days.

The Associated Press reports Democratic Rep. Michelle Mussman sponsored the bill, and it passed in the House 64-51.

If signed into law, it will prohibit people under 21 years old from buying or possessing “assault rifles,” high-capacity magazines, and .50-caliber rifles.

“There's always the debate about whether or not it's appropriate to have a discussion in the heat of the moment,” Mussman said on the House floor. “But I think that what we are seeing right now is a demand from the public that we stop kicking this down the road. That we actually do something about this.”

Mussman said police will not be going door-to-door to confiscate the weapons, but being caught underage with the banned items will result in a misdemeanor.

In Florida, both state chambers passed a gun bill package that combined a number of pro-gun control and pro-gun rights provisions.

It raises the age to own a rifle or shotgun to 21, but it allows staff at schools to be armed. It also bans bump stocks and creates a waiting period of three days for new gun purchases, according to The New York Times.