Fox News' Shepard Smith Goes Off After WH Briefing: 'It Happens Every Time ... The NRA Gets to Them'

| MAR 12, 2018 | 9:05 PM

Fox New's Shepard Smith didn't hold back immediately following Monday's White House press briefing, calling out President Donald Trump for backtracking on his initial gun control proposals.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders faced multiple questions Monday about the administration's revised gun and school safety proposals, which no longer include a legislative push for raising the minimum age to buy assault weapons from 18 to 21.

Sanders persistently claimed that the measure was being looked into further because it lacked broad political support, reiterating the president's remarks from earlier.

But the Fox News host appeared less than pleased with that response. “It's not true. It's not factually accurate,” Smith said, exasperatedly.

“There is broad-based support for raising the gun age limit. There is a limit of 21 on handguns,” he added.

Smith said he remembered the president pushing raising the minimum age even to Republican Congressman during a White House listening session before a meeting with the National Rifle Accoesition apparently changed his mind.

“The president said to the kids at Parkland, 'I'll go strong on this, I'll work on the age thing.' He came up to the general public and said to the Congress, 'The NRA has a lot of pressure on you, has a lot of effect on you but not on me so much.' And then he met with the NRA.”

The Fox News host then launched into a rundown of how he believes all mass shootings ultimately end with inaction by the government:

“So what happened this time, is what happens every time. It's what happened after New Town. It's what happened after Florida, after the Pulse nightclub. It's what happened after Las Vegas. It's what happened when Luke Woodham, way back in the day before there was a Columbine, when Luke Woodham went shooting up the place in Pearl, Mississippi: Same thing. It happens every time. The NRA gets to them and that's that. You're gonna like that or not like it, but that's the fact of what happened.”

During Monday's press briefing, Sanders said that while the administration wasn't pushing Congress to move on legislation to raise the age limit on gun purchases right now, Trump “hasn't backed away” from working toward building more support for that issue.

Watch Smith's comments, via Fox News.