CNN Fires Back at Trump With Mocking Spellcheck Tweet: 'Also, Jeff's Last Name Is Spelled...'

| APR 3, 2018 | 2:12 PM

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

CNN issued a mocking response to President Donald Trump on Twitter Tuesday morning after the president slammed the cable news giant for only hiring journalists who are “totally anti-Trump.”

Trump launched the first attack early in the morning Tuesday, writing: “Check out the fact that you can’t get a job at ratings challenged @CNN unless you state that you are totally anti-Trump?”

“Little Jeff Zuker, whose job is in jeopardy, is not having much fun lately. They should clean up and strengthen CNN and get back to honest reporting!”

A few hours later, CNN replied to Trump's tweet, rebutting his claim that the news network requires its employees to be anti-Trump while also taking a jab at his spelling of CNN president Jeff Zucker's name.

“Once again, false. The personal political beliefs of CNN's employees are of no interest to us,” CNN's communications team wrote. “Their pursuit of the truth is our only concern. Also, Jeff's last name is spelled Z-U-C-K-E-R. Those are the facts. #FactsFirst🍎”

Trump and CNN have had a storied and volatile relationship since Trump entered politics back in 2015, and especially since he captured the White House in 2016.

On Monday, Jim Acosta, the network's White House correspondent, sparked outrage from some political circles after shouting immigration questions at the president while he was coloring at a table with children during the annual Easter Egg Roll.

The president's campaign manager, Brad Parscale, then ignited his own controversy by calling for Acosta to be suspending for asking Trump a question.

“Maybe it is time for Jim Acosta to get a suspension for breaking protocol. He continues to embarrass himself and @CNN. Pull his credentials for each incident,” Parscale wrote on Twitter.