China Says They Will Match All US Tariffs

| APR 3, 2018 | 4:56 PM

Lucas Schifres/Getty Images

The U.S. ambassador from China has spoken out after President Donald Trump announced plans to impose tariffs on over $50 billion of Chinese goods.

According to the ambassador, China will retaliate on Trump's tariffs on steel and aluminum.

Although there are no announcements on what will be tariffed yet, Chinese ambassador Cui Tiankai stated that “we will certainly take countermeasures of the same proportion and of the same scale, same intensity” during an interview with CGTN.

In response, China has also put $3 billion worth of tariffs on American fruit, pork, and steel pipes.

Nicolas Asfouri/AFP/Getty Images

The new tariffs imposed by the Trump administration are allegedly because a U.S. government investigation found evidence of American intellectual property theft by China. They estimate that the problem costs the U.S. economy billions of dollars a year.

However, economists are worried that this may cause an all-out trade war if China is provoked any further. Geng Shuang, a spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, stated that the country is ready if the situation deteriorated even further.

“The U.S. has a list, China also will have a list,” he said.

Yet China is also looking for a peaceful resolution between the two powers. Shuang hopes “to resolve the differences in trade with the United States through dialogue and consultation” but warns that “should be done with mutual respect and fairness ... not with one side being condescending and coercive.”