'BAD!': Trump Calls Out DOJ for 'Stalling' Release of Unredacted Documents on Comey, Clinton, and Others

| APR 7, 2018 | 10:14 PM

On Saturday, President Donald Trump called out the Justice Department after it missed a Thursday deadline for handing over unredacted documents on former officials:

“What is going on?” Trump asked after citing how lawmakers were upset with the Justice Department's inaction.

As Fox News noted, the Justice Department failed to comply with a House Judiciary Committee subpoena requesting 1.2 million documents related to a number of topics that Trump mentioned in his tweet.

While it's unclear why the Justice Department didn't release the documents, Trump suspected it was trying to hide something:

“What does the Department of Justice and FBI have to hide?” he asked.

Trump previously called the Justice Department's inaction an “embarrassment to our country.”

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) said it was time for the Justice Department “to stop the games.”

“We got no documents from the Department of Justice. Just a phone call,” he said. “This is unacceptable—it's time to stop the games. Turn over the documents to Congress and allow us to conduct oversight.”