'Next Time You Will Have the Full Clip Unloaded': Woman Confronts Alleged Burglar She Chased Away With Firearm

| APR 11, 2018 | 4:05 PM

Keri Reeves, who scared suspect Ralph Jake Goss Jr. away from her home by brandishing a firearm, confronted him in court and explained that if he breaks into her house again, she won't hesitate to pull the trigger of her gun.

Reeves allegedly discovered Goss in her home in the afternoon, and when she pulled the gun out, he fled the scene.

“I immediately thought, he's going to get a gun, he's about to shoot me, I'm not about to die in my own house,” she told Fox Carolina. “This could've been a very different situation had I not been properly armed.”

Watch the video below.

On Thursday, she confronted the suspect in court, and despite being the victim, she informed him that it could have been a dangerous situation for him as well.

“I hope you understand the severity of the situation which you put yourself in because you came within 2.5 seconds of having a full clip unloaded into your skull,” she said.

Reeves added that she prays to God he doesn't muster up the courage to break into her home again because “next time you will have the full clip unloaded.”

Goss offered an apology and made a comment about his kids, to which Reeves explained that she has her own kids whose lives he put in danger. After another exchange, she told the alleged burglar that she would pray for him.

According to Fox Carolina, Goss was charged with burglary second degree, petit larceny, and possession of burglary tools. He was given $65,000 bail.