Kellyanne Conway: James Comey 'Swung' 2016 Presidential Election

| APR 16, 2018 | 2:02 PM

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said Monday that James Comey “swung” the 2016 presidential election, seemingly meaning President Donald Trump wouldn't have beaten Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton without the former FBI director's controversial actions days before the election.

“This guy swung an election, he thought the wrong person would win,” Conway told ABC's George Stephanopoulos while discussing Sunday night's highly anticipated interview with Comey.

“His people in his household wanted the other person to win,” Conway added.

Conway also noted that Comey said in Sunday's interview that he, like many Americans, believed the polls that suggested Clinton would win.

But ultimately, many on the left continue to blame the fired FBI director for swinging the election in Trump's favor when he released a statement days out from Election Day announcing the re-opening of the investigation into the Democratic nominee's emails.

Many online jumped on Conway's comments Monday morning, saying she admitted that “Trump wouldn’t have won without the Comey.”

Shortly after the long-time Trump advisor's comments began to make the rounds online, Conway slammed the backlash as “misleading,” and attempted to reshape her argument as one doubting Comey's ability to swing an election.

“Point I made on 3 shows is that we are supposed to believe THIS guy swung an election? I don't think so. Kellyanne Conway slams Comey: 'This guy swung an election,'” she tweeted.