'In Touch' Writer Dubs Stormy Daniels 'America's Hero' After She Pledges to Donate Money to Planned Parenthood

| APR 18, 2018 | 8:43 PM

Benjamin Franklin, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Abraham Lincoln — these are the names that might come to mind when discussing “American heroes.”

But if you work at a magazine like In Touch Weekly, you might be likely to elevate Stormy Daniels to that honor.

In an article for In Touch Weekly, Anna Quintana praised the former porn star after she pledged to donate $130,000 to the nation's largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood.


“She's the hero we don't deserve,” Quintana wrote before mentioning that she would soon be on the cover of pornographic magazine Penthouse.

Daniels caught media attention after she claimed she had an affair with President Donald Trump after he married Melania. She later received $130,000 from Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, just before the 2016 election, a payment she said was meant to keep her quiet.

Trump on Wednesday tweeted about Daniels and suggested she engaged in a “total con job”:

In her interview with Penthouse, Daniels reportedly revealed that she would transfer that money to Planned Parenthood if she won her lawsuit against President Trump and Cohen.

Daniels, Quintana suggested, donated to Planned Parenthood because of the criticism it received from Trump:

So, why did Stormy pick Planned Parenthood, and not, let's say, a shark charity? The former Apprentice host has been very outspoken against the reproductive health non-profit — and earlier this year, he revoked Planned Parenthood protections implemented by Barack Obama to prevent states from defunding the organization. During a debate in 2016, Trump defended PP, but sided with Republicans when it came to funding.

Quintana highlighted Daniels' Penthouse interview and promoted Daniels defiantly stating, “I don't have shame.” Apparently, in this case, Quintana may not, either.

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