Stormy Daniels' Lawyer Teases His 'Spirited' Talk With Kellyanne Conway While Partying at the WHCD

| MAY 1, 2018 | 4:15 PM

After coming face-to-face at the White House Correspondents' dinner and corresponding parties, former adult film star Stormy Daniels' lawyer, Michael Avenatti, is spilling some tea about his conversation with counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway.

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Pointing out the “surreal” moment, host of CNN's “New Day” Alisyn Camerota brought up a viral photo of the pair flanked by CNN anchor Don Lemon.


“It looks like he's the minister at your wedding to Kellyanne Conway and I'm just — obviously, you two are on opposite sides of this Stormy Daniels case. What was this moment like?” she asked.

Making it clear that they're “not getting married” and “not engaged,” Avenatti said, “Kellyanne and I met for the first time at that event. It was a rather spirited discussion, and we'll leave it at that.”

Camerota, however, wasn't satisfied just yet and kept pushing the attorney to dish on their conversation further.

“We initially introduced ourselves, and we actually discussed the fact that we both went to the same law school just as a coincidence, and then things progressed from there,” Avenatti opened up. “I don't want to get into the details of what we discussed, but it was spirited.”

Watch his interview below:

“But was it — was it heated? Did you have a heated conversation?” Camerota pressed.

“I wouldn't describe it as heated; I would describe it as spirited. I think we're both passionate in our positions, and we don't hesitate to articulate as much,” he replied, adding that it was “fairly surreal.”

Conway and Avenatti's meeting comes amid a legal battle with Daniels, who claims she had an affair with President Donald Trump years ago.

In her main lawsuit, which has been placed on hold for 90 days, Daniels argues her nondisclosure agreement with Trump is invalid.

On Monday, Daniels also filed a defamation lawsuit against the president in regard to his tweet from earlier this month criticizing a sketch artist's rendering of the man who allegedly threatened her into silence over the affair.