Dem Candidate Defends 'F**k the NRA' Ad: 'Your Priorities Are All Wrong'

| MAY 16, 2018 | 3:09 PM

After stirring controversy with a blunt new ad, Democratic congressional candidate Pat Davis defended his language on Fox News' “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“That's it, just fifteen seconds,” Davis said. “But it got a whole lot of attention to start a new conversation about guns, and I'm grateful for that.”

Watch the interview below, via Fox News:

Addressing the uncensored ad, host Tucker Carlson asked Davis if the vulgar ad degraded him as a candidate. Davis shot back with a fiery retort, saying the host had his priorities wrong:

“Being polite — it hasn't made our schools any safer, it hasn't protected police officers like I used to be. You know, if a cuss word on TV offends you more than pictures of dead children in Parkland or Newtown, then your priorities are all wrong. I was a cop when the assault weapons ban was in place, and it worked.”

Davis explained that in making the ad, his team continually came up with ideas that had already been done and hadn't worked. “Clearly this got the NRA's attention,” he added. “And it has started a new conversation.”

“No, it started a conversation about how embarrassing you are,” Carlson shot back, asking Davis to name the number of NRA members who have committed mass shootings.

“Tucker, here's the thing,” he answered. “A majority of Americans, 89 percent of police officers, a majority of NRA members, know there are common sense things we can do.”

Carlson also berated Davis for a second ad that claims an AR-15 is capable of firing 150 rounds in 15 seconds. When Davis pointed out that the shooter in Las Vegas had both 100 and 50 round magazines along with bump stocks allowing him to easily fire his rifle rapidly, Carlson argued that 150 rounds in 15 seconds would melt the gun's barrel.

“Learn something about guns and get back to me,” Carlson said after the two traded barbs and talked over each other.