Jimmy Kimmel Asked Americans if They Could Point to One Country on a Map — It Wasn't Pretty

| JUL 16, 2018 | 9:26 PM

YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

As President Donald Trump trotted around the globe for his meetings with Queen Elizabeth, NATO, and Russian President Vladimir Putin, late-night TV show host Jimmy Kimmel wondered if Americans could find any those countries on a map. 

“We came up with a test,” Kimmel said. “The test is very simple. We went out on the street, and we asked people passing by to name a country on a map. That's it.”

The results were not impressive. 

Attempt 1: South Africa

YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

The first participant circled what she thought was South Africa. It was actually Bolivia on the continent of South America.

Attempt 2: The “Country of Asia”

YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

Kimmel's second participant pointed to Russia. He actually thought it was the “country of Asia.” 

Attempt 3: Africa

YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

While this participant technically pointed to the right area, she was reminded that Africa is a continent. When asked if she could name any countries in Africa, she said, “No. Who knows stuff like that?”

Attempt 4: Greenland

YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

The fourth participant was pretty sure he was pointing to Greenland or Iceland, only to be told he was actually pointing at Alaska. 

Attempt 5: America

YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

Participant No. 1 was back to redeem herself. The host asked if she could point to America.

“I would say this big one,” she said, circling Russia, “but I'm probably wrong.”

She went on to mislabel Austraila as Europe and South America as Africa, and she failed to list a country in South America.

The “sad part,” according to the participant, was that she graduated from high school and college.

Attempt 6: Honduras 

YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

The sixth participant was fairly confident that Honduras was located somewhere in South America, adding, “Shouldn't I be taught this in school?”

Attempt 7: Finally

YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

Finally, a young kid was successfully able to label numerous countries in South America. 

While most of the participants struggled, geographic illiteracy is not a rare phenomenon in the United States. According to a New York Times survey, only 36 percent of Americans could find North Korea on a map. 

Although the young man saved the day during Kimmel's test, only 17 percent of young Americans could find Afghanistan on a map back in 2002, according to National Geographic. Fewer than 15 percent could point to Iraq or Israel. 

Kimmel, of course, found the test to be a hilarious example of American geographic illiteracy, adding, “Well, if you didn't believe that children are our future before, now you do.”