Rand Paul Puts Hillary Clinton on Blast: She's the Only Person 'We Actually Know' Colluded With Russians

| JUL 18, 2018 | 7:39 PM

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) stands strong in his defense of President Donald Trump.

During an interview with Fox News, Paul was asked to explain why he supported Trump's actions. He claimed that the Russian investigation is corrupted by partisan agendas and Democrats who have colluded with Russia in the past.

“He sees all these accusations from partisan Democrats, Hillary Clinton, saying, 'Oh, he colluded with the Russians,'” Paul said. “The only people who we actually know colluded with the Russians were Hillary Clinton, who paid a British agent — who then paid Russians — for information for this dossier.”

Paul was referring to the Steele dossier, which was released early in 2017. Although the dossier was never fully verified, it was produced by research firm Fusion GPS, a company that had been hired on behalf of Clinton's campaign and the Democratic National Committee.


According to Paul, the shortcomings of the American intelligence community led to the president not being fully supportive.

“[Trump] feels like the intelligence community cooked up a political or partisan investigation,” Paul said. “But also, part of the Mueller investigation is something that should be investigated, and that is: Who hacked into Hillary Clinton's emails?”

The senator admitted that part of the investigation is valid and that the intelligence community is not fully corrupt.

“There is part of the Mueller investigation that is actually legitimate, and then there's part of it that is just simply a partisan attack on the president,” Paul said.

On Wednesday, Trump clarified his comments from the Helsinki summit, telling reporters that he does believe that Russia interfered in the 2016 elections.