Controversial PETA Ad Starring Natalie Portman Invokes Holocaust to Slam Present-Day Treatment of Animals

| JUL 18, 2018 | 8:46 PM

Actress Natalie Portman is the latest celebrity to cause outrage with a PETA advertisement after she told a story that compared the Holocaust to the treatment of animals. 


Portman told the story of one of the original animal rights activists, writer and Nobel Prize winner Isaac Bashevis Singer. Singer's family fled Poland prior to the beginning of the Holocaust.

Singer was a vegetarian and once wrote that he did not become one for his personal health but “for the health of the chickens.”

In his childhood, Singer plucked the wings off flies and felt guilty about it for decades.

“My thinking about the suffering of flies expanded to include all people and all animals,” Singer wrote.

In his novel, “Shosha,” he wrote, “We do to God's creatures what the Nazis did to us.”

Singer believed there could be “no peace, no liberty, no harmony” so long as humans “shed the blood of innocent creatures,” adding that “slaughter and justice cannot dwell together.”

The video's controversial comparison didn't go uncriticized by social media users:

In the past, PETA has run a “Holocaust on Your Plate” campaign and released a video that overlayed Holocaust survivors' comments on pictures of animal slaughterhouses.

It has also previously faced backlash for using a crucifix in an ad, comparing dog breeding to finding a “master race,” and featuring porn stars in its promotions.

Of course, there are few things meat-eaters love more than owning PETA on Twitter: