'Get the F**k Out of Here, Borat': Gun Store Owner Busts Actor's New Disguise After Posing as Wounded Vet

| JUL 18, 2018 | 10:18 PM

Fox 11 News/Screenshot

Note: This article contains coarse language that may offend or disturb some readers.

Sacha Baron Cohen may have duped a few congressmen for his Showtime series “Who Is America?” but he did not fool one gun store owner.

Norris Sweidan, the owner of Warrior One Guns & Ammo, caught Cohen in the act with security cameras in his store.

Sweidan told Fox 11 that producers claimed they were making a film about a Hungarian immigrant. Cohen appeared wearing a fake beard and “tight-a** leather pants,” but he didn't make it too far.


“The moment his words came out of his mouth, I was like, 'This guy's full of s**t,'” Sweidan said.

Sweidan claims Cohen walked in and asked to buy a gun. 

“I just kept looking at the guy, and I was like, 'You're Borat,'” Sweidan said.

Footage shows Cohen leaving the store without his producers shortly after he was confronted by Sweidan. 

“Once I knew it was Borat, we already know his game and his bulls**t, so we knew he was here to make a mockery. And make a mockery of what?” Sweidan asked. “Gun owners? The gun business? Gun shops?”

Gun store owners are not the only group of people Cohen has targeted. Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin claimed that in an attempt to get an interview with her, Cohen posed as a wounded vet, even using a fake wheelchair.

The outrage caused many to tweet that they were going to boycott Showtime, but others couldn't look away from the interview Cohen completed.

In his first episode, Cohen duped congressmen into endorsing a program designed to arm kindergarteners with guns. Philip Van Cleave, the president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, even sported a bunny-wrapped gun to make it more kid-friendly. 


Sweidan had no time for this ridiculous behavior from gun activists.

“You've got some gun advocate holding a bunny on a gun? If you are a gun advocate, what the f**k are you doing holding a gun with a bunny on it?” he asked.

There will be a lot more footage of Sweidan's no-nonsense gun advocacy, as he is currently in production for a show about his store called “Down the Barrel.”

As for Cohen's show, Sweidan didn't hold any punches.

“He was fake, the producers were fake, the show was fake, and Showtime is fake,” he said.