Jerry Jones Breaks His Silence on Cowboys' QB's Stance on Anthem Protesting: 'I'm So Proud of Him'

| AUG 9, 2018 | 8:50 PM

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Even though the National Football League has ordered Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, to stop talking about the national anthem, he went to bat for quarterback, Dak Prescott, who said he would never protest during the national anthem.

Prescott has received a lot of internet hate ever since he stated the national anthem is not the time to protest, but it hasn't forced him to back down.

“I made my statements, I meant what I said,” Prescott said recently. “I feel strongly about what I said. It is what it is,” he continued.

When asked about the harsh criticism, Jones told TMZ that he's proud of how Prescott has handled the situation. 

“I'm so proud of him, just proud of him the way he leads the team and not letting it mess with their practices,” he said.

Watch the video below:

Prescott made his original statement after Jones said he is going to require his players to stand for the anthem, even though the NFL has put that policy on hold.

“When you bring such controversy to the stadium, to the field, to the game [...] it takes away from the joy and to the love that brings a lot of people,” Prescott told reporters.