2020 Castro Flustered While Explaining Why His Brother Wasn’t Wrong to Post the Names of Trump Donors

2020 candidate Julián Castro was flustered while trying to explain why his brother, Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas), did nothing wrong by outing his constituents who donated to President Donald Trump.

As IJR previously reported, Congressman Castro recently posted the names and workplaces of his constituents who donated to President Trump’s campaign. The congressman tweeted: “Sad to see so many San Antonians as 2019 maximum donors to Donald Trump […] Their contributions are fueling a campaign of hate that labels Hispanic immigrants as ‘invaders.’”

Shortly after the tweet posted, many accused the congressman of doxxing his constituents because he disagrees with them politically — even though, as the Washington Examiner uncovered, several of the constituents had also donated to him.

Many were outraged by the situation, but his brother — the former Housing and Urban Development (HUD) secretary — doesn’t think the congressman did anything wrong. When asked about the situation during a campaign stop press gaggle, he stood by his brother.

Watch Castro defend his brother:

“My brother put out a list of names of people who had maxxed out to the Trump campaign. That is public information. That kind of information is put out all the time and for anybody to pretend or suggest that it’s not, that’s just untrue. […] He did not put out anybody’s private information. He did not put down their addresses. He did not put down their phone numbers. What he did is not doxxing. Anybody who understands what doxxing is, knows that’s what — he did not do that.”

Doxxing is defined as “search[ing] for and publish[ing] private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent.”

The congressman did search FEC records to publish identifying information about Trump donors so that they would “think twice” about supporting the president — which seems to fit the definition, despite the secretary’s claim.

The former HUD secretary noted that he believes the controversy around his brother’s tweet is just a “right-wing” story because Republicans “want to pretend like, in some way, that’s equivalent to the hate or the division that Donald Trump is fostering in this country.”

He also tried to claim that people are only upset because they “are embarrassed” that they donated to Trump.

While the 2020 candidate stands by his brother’s tweet, he did add, “It is not okay for anybody to harass anybody else. It doesn’t matter where somebody’s coming from, the right or the left.”

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Bonnie Keever

I hope they sue them

Tom Bodine

Open borders clowns.


It’s illegal, it promotes violence – everything Democrats/Liberals are for. They are the violent ones. Look at their organizations, look at ANTIFA, look at Sharpton, look at Waters and what they promote – constant violence. All because they’re bitter losers. Shame on them, they have no decency. Arrest them and put them in prison. Why do they continue to get away with this?


Castro proves once again how Liberals display an astonishing lack of self awareness and narcissism. It’s wrong when it happens to them but totally OK when it happens to others. Liberalism truly is a mental disorder!

Bobby Anderson

What a FOOL! He thinks they can do this to the American people and they will vote for him? Just like Hillary and her deplorables . Sure you will make a wonderful president-IDIOT.


If this was done to a demwit they would be yelling to. When you can’t walk down the street with a maga hat on without being attract, someone does this. Then the left starts yelling gun control. This is what starts the violence. The demwites want more violence so they complain how bad it is. But by doing this they are the ones starting it. What happens when someone gets hurt now because of this, is Castro going to take responsibility for it? Just because the law doesn’t say it’s wrong use common sense


Considering today’s TDS climate of the left, it would be wise to leave the Trump Donors alone and their privacy intact…. or we could start publishing everyone’s info (just to be fair), and play eye for an eye. I am a registered Democrat – I am voting for Trump because the Left has become unhinged and Trump won’t play their games. Trump is no angel, but look at what he has accomplished while the Democrats continue to try to thwart his efforts EVERYDAY. Nope, sorry Democratic Party – until you come back towards the middle – its Trump 2020, Pence… Read more »


If he did that to me, he could kiss any future donations good-bye!

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