2020 Democrat Makes Wild Analogy Between Taxpayers Funding Abortions and Supporting Military Troops

To 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Rep. Seth Moulton (D-Mass.), Americans who don’t want their tax dollars funding abortions are just as awful as those who don’t want to pay the troops.

His response comes as fellow 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden flip-flopped on repealing the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits federal funds for abortion services. Biden veered from his previous remark that it “can’t stay,” as he told The Hill on Wednesday that he supports it.

Moulton responded to Biden’s support of the controversial pro-life amendment by trying to draw the comparison between federally funded abortions and paying for the military.

During an interview with CNN on Thursday, Moulton took aim at the former vice president’s position, labeling it “wrong” and claiming that “it disproportionately attacks women who don’t have the private means to afford an abortion.”

He then went on to say that “it’s sort of like saying, you know, ‘I support the troops, but I don’t want to pay them.’ That’s the analogy here, and I think it’s wrong.”

Watch the video below:


“Leadership is not following the polls,” Moulton said in response to public polling on Biden’s stance, adding that leadership is about “changing public opinion to do the right thing” and “that’s what we should expect of our next president.”

As of now, Biden has an 11-point lead over of the hefty list of over 20 other Democratic hopefuls in the 2020 presidential election, according to a recent Economist/YouGov poll. Moulton garnered 0 percent in the same poll.

As IJR Red previously dove into, aside from Biden’s most recent flip-flop on the Hyde Amendment, other 2020 candidates have laid out their abortion stances — including former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas), who wants to allow late-term abortion. Additionally, Sens. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) are looking to codify Roe v. Wade protections into federal law.

As for where the American people stand on abortion and the 2020 election, a CNN poll released on Thursday revealed that 30 percent of those polled would only vote for a candidate if they shared their same views on abortion.


  1. Reminds me of one of my favorite songs in “Best little whore house in Texas”. the mayor sings a song called “I Love to Dance a Little Sidestep” until he is presented with results of the latest polls. (He shuts down Dolly Parton’s business because poll wanted it)

  2. The Democrats just keep coming out of the woodwork ,and are more stupid than the next .a lot of extremely dangerous idiot’s. God help the Republic

  3. If you can’t afford to kill your own babies, don’t have unprotected casual sex.

  4. I think he’s kind of right. I mean I don’t want my tax dollars going to bombs that kill people nor should the pro-life folks I know they are pro-birth not pro-life

  5. What we need in the USA is more abortions. We need pubic funding of all abortions up to the ninth month. It should be a compulsory tax, required at the point of a gun. If you don’t want to pay, you go to prison — simple as that.

    In order to have a baby, you must have a positive social media score and be licensed by the Deep State Media, Inc.

  6. This moron couldn’t pass the introduction to philosophy class because arguments must be cogent.
    Even a syllogism is beyond his grasp.
    Moulton is an idiot.
    Moulton is from Massachusetts.
    Ergo, everyone from Massachusetts is an idiot.
    Haha! Not likely.

    1. Thank you for recognizing that. While MA has a disturbing number of lefty political windbags, there are plenty of us trying to get traction for conservative candidates. We actually managed to make Lizzy “Lieawatha” Warren sweat during her last re-election run with a great opponent named Geoff Diehl. He tanned her butt good in the debates but it still wasn’t enough to turn that senate seat red. We’ll keep trying, though!

  7. Is a guest allowed to post a comment that remains for others to read?

    1. The website barely works for registered users. Half of the buttons don’t work anyway. IJR isn’t interested in making the site useful, it seems. Makes me wonder what it’s purpose really is, besides ad revenue.

  8. Still trying to understand why my posted comments as a guess automatically disappear once I click off the article and come back on same to read it again!!

  9. Surprising to see that we hear about “abortion” all the time but never about “sterilization”. Sterilization is much cheaper and is a one time event while totally eliminating going through part of a pregnancy as well as eventual psychological problems from the guilt of killing an unborn baby. All one has to do is fill form HHS-687 and get the procedure done at the hospital…thus eliminating the back alley abortions. This would also eliminate for doctors to go against their Hippocratic Oath!

    1. I know women who have tried to be sterilized and doctors refuse to perform the procedure because they are young (mid 20s) and might change their mind in year or two. This is yet another topic where silly women just don’t know whats right for them.

      But… do go on about stuff you clearly know nothing about.

      1. Happens to men, too, so it’s not just a woman-thing. One of my buddies in the Navy wanted to get it done after his second child, and the doc refused. He had to appeal the decision, which included him having to go to a shrink to make sure he really wanted to go through with it.

        1. That is true Ed, i should have mentioned men have similar issues with getting a vasectomy, however i post on a lot of discussions regarding abortion issues and while female sterilization comes up frequently, vasectomies are very rarely brought up as a solution.

          I am not advocating any sterilization procedures though. My comment was only in response to the original poster.

          1. I’d certainly advocate sterilization as a birth control method. Life got a lot easier for me and my wife after I got it done. This was after four kids, though. Nobody questioned my motives with that count!

          2. The scenario i always consider is women/men who don’t want or have children now, but will in the future.

            Yes, if you’ve had all the kids you want (even if that is zero) then sterilization is an exellent choice.

    2. Of course, they could even go the cheaper route, and try birth control pills or condoms — how about that?

  10. Don’t be confused by the numbers.

    The “no abortions no matter what the circumstances” tally has gone DOWN by 1%, to only 18%, since the recent news headlines. Everyone else agrees with at least some sort of freedom for the mother to choose.

  11. I’ll never understand why killing babies is so important to the democrats. Ultimately everything circles back to abortions.

    1. Who gets most of the abortions? They’re trying to kill off specific races.

  12. I won’t vote for anyone who supports the murder of infants, in or out of the womb , not even if everything else they supported was in line with my views on what is good for this nation.

  13. Let’s see one is mandated in the constitution and is a duty of the government and the other is an elective procedure.

  14. To equate the two things – abortion & military troops – is insanity. The entire field of Dem candidates are flip floppers, liars, pandering imbeciles but this takes the cake!

    1. The Head Flip-Flopper in Chief is quite obviously Smoochy, Touchy-Feelie Biden. He’s now done a complete 180 in less than 24 hours over the Hyde Amendment. Maybe he should check with Know-All, Do-Nothing Barry to find out what policy he is supposed to support. Or maybe his Aricept needs to be a little stronger.

  15. Wow.. just drop out now.

    Also, if you are going to be that incompetent in supporting pro choice policies then I’d prefer you sat out those conversations as well.

  16. Say that again! This guy’s analogy makes absolutely no sense.

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