‘It Is Political Suicide’: 2020 Democrat Torches Medicare for All Backed by Other Candidates

2020 Democratic hopeful John Delaney (D-Md.) is taking a wrecking ball to the “Medicare for All” healthcare plan that’s backed by several other of his opponents, as he says “we need to just drop this thing.”

In The Washington Post op-ed published Thursday, Delaney detailed how he views the healthcare plan as “bad policy” and called it “political suicide for Democrats.”

“The Democratic nomination for president shouldn’t go to anyone who supports it, and Medicare-for-all shouldn’t be in the party’s 2020 platform,” he wrote.

Delaney continued to warn 2020 Democrats to toss aside the proposal or else President Donald Trump will get reelected:

“If we Democrats become the party of Medicare-for-all, advocating that every U.S. citizen is forced into a government-run health-insurance program, President Trump will be reelected and Republicans will control both houses of Congress — ensuring that today’s health-care system will be endangered by renewed GOP attacks. […] The current health-care system needs improving, not dismantling — by Republicans or by Democrats.”

Earlier this week at the California Democrats State Convention, the 2020 Democratic hopeful torched Medicare for All — proposed by 2020 Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and supported by other 2020 candidates — when he said, “Medicare for all may sound good but it’s actually not good policy nor is it good politics.”

Delaney’s comments at the convention drew boo’s, as well as backlash from controversial Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), who told him to “please sashay away.”

See his past comments below:

However, even after the criticism, Delaney is laying out why he believes Sanders’ Medicare for All plan is bad:

“That sounds good — if you really, really like the government — but there is one fundamental flaw: Overwhelming evidence shows that, under Medicare, the government doesn’t pay the true costs of health care. According to data from the Urban Institute, Medicare pays providers 89 percent of costs, with higher reimbursements from private insurance companies making up the difference. Over time, the government’s not paying the cost of health care would become a significant problem.

[…] It’s remarkable that this never seems to get talked about during these debates, but under Medicare-for-all, 150 million Americans would lose their current health insurance and be forced to switch to something new.”

“Medicare-for-all might be popular as a slogan or as a tagline,” as Delaney wrote. “But it is political suicide.”

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Tom Bodine

Shhhhhh don’t wake them.


Delaney appears to not be part of the cabal when it comes to this issue. Perhaps there is hope for the Dumbocrat Party yet.

Tolowan Washte' We & Vernon

The Democrats need to leave The Medicare Program Alone !


AOC tells him to “sashay away”? Wonder how that comment would have been taken if it was from him to her. Double standards. Miss AOC PLEASE sashay away! The bar is calling.

General Confusion

How is it political suicide to support something that about 70-75% of the people want?

I am confused because that flies in the face of the facts.


Now he knows what it’s like to be insulted by nitwits, just because they don’t like someone else’s intelligent and fact based opinion. And there’s that other reason nitwits insulted him – he isn’t a nitwit.





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