‘Eat Less Meat’: 2020 Democrats Mull Changing Laws on Meat Consumption to Fight Climate Change

Several of the 2020 Democratic presidential contenders took to the stage of Thursday night to lay out their plan to address climate change, and in doing so, some of them mulled ideas of changing laws surrounding meat consumption.

During Thursday’s climate change town hall hosted by CNN, 2020 Democratic hopeful Kamala Harris — who consistently polls at the fourth spot among the others — was asked by an audience member if she supports changing “dietary guidelines to reduce the consumption of red meat in light of the impact of climate change.”

After first making it clear that “we have a problem in America,” Harris responded, “The answer is yes.”

“The balance that we have to strike here, frankly, is about what government can and should do around creating incentives and then banning certain behaviors,” she said.

Asked again, if elected, if she’d back “changing the dietary guidelines,” the Democratic senator said she would, in regards to red meat consumption.

See Harris’ comment below:

Asked if the American people should change their eating habits, 2020 Democratic primary contender Andrew Yang pointed to a U.N. study that revealed: “We’re going to be okay if the vast majority of the world goes vegetarian immediately.”

Yang — who consistently polls at the sixth spot — claimed that it was good for Americans and the environment’s health if they “eat less meat.” He added:

“So I think it would be healthy on an individual and societal level to move in that direction. But again this is a country where there is a lot of individual autonomy and so you can’t force people’s eating choices on them. All you do now is try to shape our system so that over time we evolve in a productive way.”

Watch Yang’s explanation below:

The two Democratic candidates are among others who have tossed their support behind the Green New Deal laid out initially by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) to combat climate change, as IJR News reported.

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  1. The democrats running for president can go vegan, I will take their portions. This just goes to show you that this has nothing to do about any climate change but it has everything to do with control. They want to control every aspect of our lives. Euthanasia is next, especially for the elderly. They have already started it with the babies. We will have the same as China, if we elect these people.

  2. ST, SyPhyllis HAS an imagination, believe me. Those pearls of wisdom don’t come from just her mind, but the voices in her head.

    After finding out that SyPhyllis spent 30 years in the health profession brings memories of Nurse Ratched, and Annie Wilkes to mind….

    Just sayin’…..

  3. Meat heads making more stupid regulatory proposals to garner votes from vegans. ?


  5. Democrats have one well used tool to force us to eat less meat …Raise the Costs

  6. Phyllis,

    Surely you’ve heard of the FDA, the Dept. of Agriculture, etc. Even you must have read about “soda” bans and taxes.

    Pretend you have an imagination. Picture the government “attacking” the foods they want banned, harassing industries (like they do guns), or imposing taxes which make them unaffordable to the “non-elite”.

    “That’ll be one ninety-eight for that pound of steak.”
    “No one-hundred ninety-eight dollars.”

  7. First off, do any of the 135 negative votes on this article see a path thru Congress for enacting dietary restrictions??? Neither do I. I do not recall a time in my 30+ previous yrs in healthcare that the medical profession was not advocating a decrease in consumption of red meat. If people are not going to reduce consumption for the benefit of their OWN health or that of their family, they are certainly NOT going to do it to benefit the environment.

    1. Phyllis: Thank You, being in the Medical Field myself for 23+previous years I agree with you.

    2. During world war 2 there was rationing on almost everything. People didn’t care for the rationing because of the service men and women fighting overseas. So it has happened before.

  8. Another reason to get the democrats out of office. The socialist government control of the people , now includes what you eat. One world government = vegetarian .

    1. You do understand that the article reports TWO of the 20 candidates hold a particular stance. Madison no where in the article suggests ALL Democrats support Harris and Yang’s positions. To perceive that the Congress could pass a prohibition of what you eat, indicates a lack of awareness of the U.S. Congress. I have serious doubts that a declaration of support of World Peace could get thru our Congress.

    2. DAVID: I say screw the DEMONRATS,they don’t know their ars from a hole in the ground!!!

  9. I prefer making up my own mind on what I eat. The amount of sugar used in food is disturbing. All the Democrats appear to think everyone is stupid and should do whatever the gov. says. The spending they talk about is like something a third-grader would say.

    1. I am not one to call individuals “stupid.” BUT perceiving that a path exist thru Congress to restrict eating red meat, “is like something a third-grader would say.” If you do not wish people to perceive you are stupid, stop believing every crazy idea someone comes up with will become a law or action. I recall a 2016 candidate that professed Mexico would pay for the wall.—Tax cuts will pay for themselves— All Muslims will be prevented from entering America. Candidates on both sides of the aisle apparently reside in a fantasy world. Pretending you believe what they are selling, does call into question your sanity.

  10. We could improve the environment if we gave each one of these wanna-be’s a plug to use on what they say.

  11. Seriously, has every last dem gone completely insane?
    One idiot idea on top another.

  12. Here the Democrats want to mess with a system that they bear more responsibility for creating, in the first place. Today the GOP is NOT the party of agricultural/farm subsidies– that’s the Democrats. And subsidies to meat and dairy are about twice what they are to fruits and vegetables ($40 vs. 20 billion a year). If the Democrats don’t like meat, let them stop using our tax dollars to subsidize meat production! Then, higher meat prices will take care of some of the problem.

    It’s amazing that the Democrats have worked hard to keep cheap fast-food a reality, and now are complaining that people eat too much of it. Kamala Harris does not understand markets, and wants to engineer everything from the top-down like the elitist she is. But that’s how we got to this bad place. Republicans like secretary of agriculture Earl Butz (Nixon and Ford) kicked things off. But now it’s the Democrats who carry the ball for our inefficient and unhealthy food production.

    And by the way, that’s not just meat– that’s too simplistic. It may in no small part be other things like corn sweetener (fructose). It is only with “intrinsically cheap bad foods” like fructose that regulation has to step in to save the free-market from its own externalities (pollution, and also our bad health and obesity).

    1. If D’s support paying fast food workers a living wage, HOW is that keeping the cost of fast food down? What are the states that you perceive are the top beef producing states???? You think they are Blue states???

  13. Are they really saying, ” Eat mor chiken? ” How anti-BLTG-QED.

  14. They are a joke – what is really sad are the people that believe their garbage. They don’t know history or science and do not think enough about themselves to verify what is told them; instead it is swallowed hook, line and sinker because it is coming from a Democrats’ mouth.

  15. from the Foilhat Gazette:

    “2020 Candidates Advocate Cannibalism to Reduce Carbon-Footprints”

    A DNC spokeswhatsit said that Bernie Sander’s advocating the mass-murder of unborn minority children in the 3rd world is just the start. “We can’t control those people so they might as well die.”

    Asked if the dead would be recycled for stem-cells, protein, and organs xer went on to say it will be part of the Soylent Green New Deal.

    1. You crack me up!! Dammit, you stole my “Soylent Green New Deal” line!!!

      Actually, your delivery was better than what I had in mind! ?

  16. …and the pathological urge to tell others how to live comes out.

    News to Harris and Yang. You can choose how to run your own lives, but I’ll be damned if you tell me how to run mine. I notice neither candidate is a vegetarian nor vegan. “Do what we tell you.” is what parents do to children. Does this say how they regard their voters?

    This is the insidious nature of socialism. Centralized government dictating. No freedom of choice involved.

    1. Yes tell us no meat then in their fine homes is steak Tbone of course and other fine meats, while we eat only what they allow us

  17. Hey Kamala, and Yang. How about you stop eating vegetables, salads, rice, berries, fruit, Chicken, Fish, Clams, Crabs, Lobsters, Sharks, Porpoise, whales, locusts, snails, after all part of climate change is that there is too much carbon in the ozone, and too little oxygen getting in the way of Living. All of these items either grown in crops, trees, bushes, on farms, in the seas, and oceans. Of course there could be no more coffee, tea, marijuana, after all they are plants and are needed to resupply the Oxygen.
    Which leaves us with desserts which are mostly made from just about everything listed above.
    Then what do we eat? Each other????

    1. Their ideas sound like something from the old Soviet Union. I do like vegetables and fruit but you will have to pry my hamburger and steak from my cold dead fingers.

  18. Hands up of everyone planning to vote for the Donkey Party’s mental midgets, flip floppers and gaffers in 2020. C’mon, ANYBODY?

  19. On which planet do these Democratic candidates live? Honestly, their ideas get more ridiculous every day.

  20. You just can’t find a group of people as stupid as a bunch of Democrats…. Unbelievable waste of oxygen keeping them alive.

  21. They want to dictate how much meat and what kind we can eat? What makes them experts? Stay the hell out of my kitchen and pantry!

  22. Quite clear that the Left intends to use manipulated “facts” about highly questionable “climate change” to force “politically correct” lifestyle choices on everyone. Very reminiscent of Chairman Mao requiring that farmers plant seeds deep in the ground due to his own ignorance of good farming practices, resulting in mass famine in China. These Leftist politicians are creating a set of “values” that have absolutely no basis in reality in order to exert power over the citizens. Pol Pot of the Khmer Rouge exerted his own set of “personal standards of living” on the Cambodian people, and in the “Killing Fields” butchered hundreds of thousands of those that did not conform. Does anyone not see where these Leftists intend to take society? They are the 1917 Bolshevik revolution all over again, and will doubtless bring about the same levels of oppression, misery and failure.

    1. Any excuse to control every aspect of American life will do for the Democommies. At what point will Americans respond with a forceful “NO” by all means necessary?

  23. But of course the Democrats want to tell us what to eat! Also what to (not) protect ourselves with, what not to say, what not to do. Isn’t that called a Dictatorship?

  24. So, now the Democrats want to control what we eat. What’s next? They are just like the Brits that did the same things prior to 1775 and resulted in the Revolution. I don’t understand how the public can be blind to what the end game is with Democrats – total domination and control. They want to get into every facet of your lives and control you. The very people that say they’re for rights are trying to eliminate all your rights. Communism 101.

  25. More ridiculous BS from Left wing, liberal D-RATs. Honestly, this entire group of idiots has not espoused a single concept that would benefit America—–probably the lowest qualified slate of candidates in the history of America (of which they know nothing).

  26. “Because of a complainer of hacking who gives himself/herself credit, you must sign in periodically. At least that’s what I’m getting.” Cherl

    You are trying to confuse people. That isn’t what happens and you know it.

  27. So basically they are so ignorant of how nature has worked since before man even existed that they actually believe unconstitutionally dictating the dietary habits of the nation or world will somehow “fix” something that is doing the same thing it has done since before man existed simply because some fringe politician in the past got a foothold using it as a scare tactic to push a tyrannical political agenda of micromanaging people by denying them constitutional rights (especially when it comes to property rights) in the name of “fixing the problem” they falsely accuse man of creating.

    Remember this if MAN was the cause of such a drastic “change” in temperature each year how is it that the same people making that claim confessing that even if their entire agenda was imposed today the effect would not even change one degree in 100 years not made bigger headlines.

    Or the fact the chart being used supposedly proving the temperature “change” over the last 2000 years has been discredited to the point the creator of the graph refused to even produce his evidence in a court of law when HE SUED the people in the scientific community that used the actual science of analyzing tree rings and ice core samples to create a far more accurate temperature map that contradicts his “hockey stick” graph.

    A graph created for the sole purpose to fit the political agenda of the politician that used taxpayers dollars to fund the “research”.

    If his research was scientifically sound all he had to do was produce the evidence when the judge ordered him to do so in court instead he refused to comply using the same demand all those promoting the claim that “man” not nature is the cause of “climate” change that we simply “believe” them or that the “science” is settled so new irrefutable scientific facts must be ignored.

    Having his lawsuit tossed out of court for refusing to comply with a judges order to produce the evidence he claimed was more accurate than tree rings and ice core samples in determining the temperature change over the past few thousand years shows he had no faith or belief that the “science” proved his claims.

    In other words if man was completely removed the “change” in climate would continue the same as before they imposed their micromanagement of peoples lives with virtually zero change.

    Remember this for decades a non existent dinosaur was on display because the “science” proved the skeleton head found nearby had to belong to the skeletal body they found near it. If science is “settled” simply because a few with influence “believe” something and new evidence must be ignored to suit their belief that incorrect skeleton would still be displayed as fact today even though they had to manufacture a non existent bone to make it fit even after the full intact skeletons of both dinosaurs they mixed together were found. Because we declare something is “SETTLED” and refuse to accept new evidence that contradicts the “THEORY” that is accepted progress, learning, and gaining new knowledge stops.

  28. I give up! Whenever I try to post something it always goes you’re not gonna do it! I don’t understand

    1. Because of a complainer of hacking who gives himself/herself credit, you must sign in periodically. At least that’s what I’m getting.

  29. The socialist/communist would be dictators of the left & Dem party want to control EVERY aspect of your life. People, they are dangerous. Do not give up one single inch to them! First, the UN Climate Chief, in 2015, admitted what this hoax is all about – $$ (yes, go look it up on the UN website). Second, give up a single right and we will have zero rights, which is their ultimate goal. Thank God Trump didn’t bow down to the G7 charade on ‘online hate speech’. Yes, they tried to get him to sign away our 1A. You can look that up too.

  30. The Left is becoming more crazy by the hour. WHEN the Socialists begin paying for my groceries, THEN – and only THEN – will they tell ME what I’ll eat or not eat. #NOcommies.

  31. As Sam Elliott days”Beef. It’s what’s for dinner”. Wonder if the Cattlemen’s Association will take issue with this new political blast against red meat consumption. These Democrats seem to have no concern about putting business out of business.

  32. Best answer to limiting air pollution: ration airtime (literally) for political speech. Every campaign speech is limited to 3 exhalations – irrespective of party affiliation.

  33. Lord, next they’ll be wanting us to change toilet habits, sex practices, and anything else you can think of. All this while the rest of the 6.7 billion on earth more than make up for our frugal life habits. Plus, won’t that deforest the earth to eat only greens and vegetables. There are problems with any habit you can think of.

    1. In that one climate conference where they confessed that the “climate change” happening would not even be effected by one degree in 100 years if we complied with all of their demands that instant the entire conference was about how to force America (a nation that already has strict pollution controls) to shut down its industries and move them to another nation (that had no such pollution controls).

      To put it simply they wanted to bankrupt the US by shutting down all manufacturing done in the nation and move the manufacturing (diverting the income of its industries) to another nation that has no laws or regulations to reduce pollution much less protect the rights or health of workers to supposedly reduce pollution. As if the income of the citizens of a nation or its economy determines the amount of pollution being created by its people.

    2. They have the sex practices and creation already covered. They want to tell you who can shower with who. Didn’t they support boys showering with girls? They want to control which babies are born and which ones are not by promoting abortion. They are legislating who gets promoted and who doesn’t. They want to legislate who goes to college. They want to legislate who gets free healthcare and who pays for it. They try to promote jobs overseas by taxing business in the US to death until they move out. And, always they have the give-aways. Get people hooked on free stuff to control votes. They want One World Order with them in control. And their whole plan hinges with removing our resistance by disarming us. History is full of this: Stalin, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Hitler, Pathet Lao, Khmer Rouge, Kim Jong Un, Saddam Hussien, The Ayatollahs, etc. They started with their indoctrination through the existing media, wormed their way into power, then took everyone’s rights. We are at the second stage. Beware!!

  34. Gawd A’Mighty! These are some of the craziest people on the planet. Yang can sup on a bowl of un-flavoured rice and tonight I’m going out for a steak.

  35. Can you imagine the cost of growing and processing so much more veggies to make fake meat. I doubt there would any climate change savings after you calculate those costs. Also the land use would be enormous and then you have all the chemicals needed to grow the veggies and no way could organic farming be viable for so much volume.

    1. Nothing we do will affect the climate. The climate is controlled by the sun. This is all about controlling the people.

  36. … why doesn’t someone answer that we have bigger problems to address right now than what American’s are putting on their dinner tables?

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