2020 Dems Knock Down Harris’ Call to Ban Trump From Twitter, Cite ‘Freedom of Speech’

Some 2020 Democratic presidential contenders are distancing themselves from Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) over her call to ban the president from Twitter.

Harris took to Twitter to urge the social media platform to “suspend” President Donald Trump’s account over some of his controversial tweets, as IJR previously reported.

“Time to do something about this,” the Democratic senator tweeted, directing her post at Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Shen then took a more formal route on Tuesday, as she penned a letter to Dorsey, citing several tweets by Trump that she believes goes against the user agreement.

“No user, regardless of their job, wealth, or stature should be exempt from abiding by Twitter’s user agreement, not even the President of the United States,” Harris wrote.

Check out Harris’ full letter below:

When asked if she supports Harris’ move to suspend Trump from the social media platform, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Calif.) responded, “No.”

Gabbard — who hasn’t been shy in splitting on views from her 2020 Democratic challengers — went on to point out the importance of the First Amendment.

“I think freedom of speech is something that is an important, foundational right in our democracy,” she said, adding:

“I think the things that are coming from Donald Trump are things that are inciting a lot of divisiveness in our country, though, and this is one of the many reasons why I believe it’s important that voters vote to defeat Donald Trump.

On a serious note though, we can’t just cancel or shut down or silence those who we disagree with or hold different views or say things even that we strongly disagree with. These freedoms and principles enshrined in our Constitution are things we have to take very seriously.”

See Gabbard’s comments below:

Additionally, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) was asked by reporters on Wednesday at the MSNBC gun reform event if Trump should be banned. She laughed then bluntly said, “No.” Warren later though was asked if the president “uses the term ‘treason’ recklessly,” in which she responded, “Yes.”


  1. “How many minds have you changed with your obvious disdain? Isn’t that a sign of mental illness?” Cherl

    You are confused, Cherl.

    What you call mental illness is not accurate. You have been swept up in a fascistic culture surrounding a populist leader, King Donald The Loser. At the moment, you can’t see that, but others can.

    One of the traits of fascism is the extreme polarization of opinions – us versus them. This is what you are describing and feeling, above. You see that on IJR all of the time because the site is set up to feed that kind of divisive discussion. You are being played by the people who you trust.

  2. For anyone that hasn’t figured out what the Bolsheviks on the left are here is the proof, communism 101 is the control of the media, which they already have, and the banning of any speech by the opposition. ??????’s

  3. Cassandra,

    I was responding to Phil. It need not make sense to you, nor to her, as she has no sense.

    1. A disturbing proportion of these politicians do. Many of them use it as a “how to cheat” manual.

  4. They try to silence Trump, factual news, conservatives everywhere. They know they can’t rule over us unless they silence us. Look at Hong Kong. That is the face of fighting for freedom. Vote for Trump and those that support him or we will lose all freedom. Better take a look at Agenda 2021 and 2030. #WakeUp

  5. *Phyllis*
    Since I was fairly certain that my reply to you would be hidden I repost it here.
    Breaking my own rule to ignore your absurd blathering but on this I call you the mentally and emotionally ill. What gives you the right to demean someone who doesn’t agree with you. You do it with every word and silly question that you write. Most of the time your comments go unnoticed but you still continue. How many minds have you changed with your obvious disdain? Isn’t that a sign of mental illness? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? Credited to Einstein but who knows for sure.

    1. Cherl,

      I sometimes break the “ignore” the insane rule myself.

      To paraphrase Craig Johnson (Longmire mysteries) trying to reason with the insane is itself either an act of charity or insanity.

  6. Phil,

    “Twitter IS a private enterprise, and can make the rules on what is deemed acceptable speech. They provide you with the rules of usage of their social media site when you sign up. They also inform you you that failure to comply with the rules will result in suspension.”

    Thanks Phil. I just said that using fewer words. But conciseness IS the soul of wit, something which you clearly lack. You ARE really good at parroting though. I notice you and the Genitally Confused share that in common. Is it symptomatic of weak minds that vote Dimocrat?

    1. Screwtape, if that was suppose to make some kind of sense it certainly didn’t.

  7. if this country votes a demwite into office this what we will get out rights taken away. they are after our guns and now our freedom speech. what is next that they want to take away from us?

  8. Freedom of speech? Warren then why are states controlled by democrats passing laws making freedom of speech illegal? Such as New York City (not a state a city) and the illegal alien law.

    1. HOW is whatever the “illegal alien law” making “freedom of speech illegal”? Are you saying Morte206 no longer has the freedom of speech guaranteed her in the U.S. Constitution??? Pretty sure she is just on vacation with her family.

  9. Definitely elect this woman not even president and she’s talking about revoking citizens first amendment rights because she doesn’t like what they say. Let’s not forget she wants to revoke 2nd amendment rights also so Democratic candidates goals are this censorship of anyone they don’t like, and disarming the entire population. This is what you vote for Democrats people who will abuse you the moment they gain the power to do so. You think all the free programs aren’t there to distract you while they put their plans in motion? It’s the oldest trick in the book placate the masses while you seize power. Once power is seized continue to placate a little longer until all things are in place for your plan. Then remove the veil and inact your plan and show your true colors.

  10. Every time Harris opens her mouth, diarrhea comes out. She should stick with her original “profession”.

    1. You should read “ron”, above.

      Even that diarrhoea will confuse you.

      1. Sorry. Ron’s comment didn’t come with pictures or subtitles in foreign languages.

  11. While Twitter is a private enterprise, Harris’s call for government influence (doesn’t this sound exactly like Ukraine?) is unconstitutional and a violation of the 1st amendment.

    It’s possible Twitter will NEVER ban Trump, at least while he’s in office. He drives too much traffic AND would make it subject to further accusations of censorship. It would be like asking CNN and MSNBC to cease all Trump coverage. Will not happen.

    1. Twitter IS a private enterprise, and can make the rules on what is deemed acceptable speech. They provide you with the rules of usage of their social media site when you sign up. They also inform you you that failure to comply with the rules will result in suspension.

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