As 2020 Dems Try Stop Americans From Eating Meat, New Study Shows It Could Increase Risk of Stroke

A new study found that vegetarians and vegans might have a higher chance of health complications over meat-eaters as the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates call for people to stop eating meat.

The study — which was published Wednesday by one of the world’s oldest general medical journals, the BMJ (British Medical Journal) — suggests that those who choose not to indulge in eating meat may have a higher chance of having a stroke but lower chances of having coronary heart disease.

It found that vegans and vegetarians have a 20 percent higher chance of having a stroke than people who eat meat, or three or more strokes for every 1,000 people over a decade.

Tammy Tong, the lead researcher and a nutritional epidemiologist at Oxford University — said that when one looks at “the absolute numbers” it appears that the increased risk of having a stroke does not overtake the decreased chance of heart disease by participating in a vegetarian or vegan diet.

“It does seem that the lower risk of coronary heart diseases does exceed the higher risk of stroke, if we look at the absolute numbers,” Tong told CNN, adding that her study was the first to look into stroke risk of non-meat-eaters.

Tong also said it was not clear as to why vegetarians and vegans potentially face a higher risk of stroke but posited that it may be because of “very low cholesterol levels or very low levels of some nutrients.”

“There is some evidence which suggests that very low cholesterol levels might be associated with a slightly higher risk of hemorrhagic stroke,” said Tong. She went on to point out that other research says that deficiency in other nutrients can lead to increased stroke risk.

The study’s release came the same day as CNN’s climate town hall where some of the Democratic presidential candidates called for people to stop eating red meat — or meat altogether — to address climate change.

As IJR previously reported, 2020 hopefuls Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) and businessman Andrew Yang both called for Americans to curb their meat consumption to help fight the changing climate.

Harris specifically focused on reducing the amount of red meat consumed by Americans, saying that the “balance” that needed to be struck was between the government incentivizing people to not eat red meat before moving to ban “certain behaviors.”

“The balance that we have to strike here, frankly, is about what government can and should do around creating incentives and then banning certain behaviors,” said the California senator, who went on to toss her support behind “changing the dietary guidelines” of the country after being asked again.

Yang said that humanity was “going to be okay if the vast majority of the world goes vegetarian immediately” while pointing to a U.N. study when asked if Americans should change their dietary habits.

He claimed that it would be beneficial to the environment and Americans if people “eat less meat” before adding that “shap[ing] our system” to promote “productive” evolution was necessary because Americans have a lot of “individual autonomy.”

“But, again, this is a country where there is a lot of individual autonomy and so you can’t force people’s eating choices on them,” said the California businessman. “All do you know is try to shape our system so that over time we evolve in a productive way.”


  1. (9/9/19): Just read an article which said a Swedish “professor” claims that in order to combat “climate change” we should begin eating more insects, pets and human flesh; e.g., cannibalism.

    I can just hear the conversation at the dinner table: “Hey Moron, how’s that woman’s left foot taste off the grille with my homemade bar-be-que sauce?” Pure idiocy!

  2. >Screwtape<

    You may have seen the same statistics concerning "Death by Dictator":

    Adolf Hitler: 12 million died.

    Josef Stalin: 20 million died.

    Mao: 65 million died.

    The article some weeks back was about how many millions would die as a result of POTUS Trump. Not even an estimate or a reason. Just more Socialist blather to feed their low-IQ base..

    1. Hitler was a vegetarian and a cheese-cutter of epic proportion. I can imagine a group of Nazis in the map room, “Mein Gött in Hemmel, Mein Fürher! We smelt it you dealt it!”
      “Send this man before a firing squad!”
      The Dems can take the fork and knife from my cold, dead hands after I die of a heart attack while savoring a rib-eye.

  3. I can’t find any evidence of Andrew Yang either confirming or denying that he’s a vegetarian. Anyone?

    Maybe he just plugs into a USB port.

  4. Interesting take for Not Mrs. Willie Brown who was videotaped biting chunks out of a pork chop in Iowa and loving it. She’d be another Mooshelle Obama, promoting food waste by serving school kids “healthy” things while she devours prime rib or burgers.

  5. Every single time I hear about the “we know better” crowd banning a food or a drink it reminds me of this:

    “Humor is like food. Not everyone gets it.” With a smiling picture of Uncle Joe Stalin, who starved tens of millions of his people, just below. They might also have used Chairman Mao, who did exactly the same thing.

  6. Well, stroke is one way even Bernie never thought of to reduce the population. However, it doesn’t add anything to Planned Butcherhood’s bottom line.

    1. The fun part of this article is the misleading title, which should be “Avoiding Meat Increases Stroke Risk”.

  7. So it’s damned either way. I wonder when a study will show the long-term effects of TDS?

    Hypertension. Tooth wear. Loss of libido. It’s certain there are other downsides.

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