Whopping Percentage of Democrats Back Socialism — But 2020 Poll Shows Most Voters Aren’t on Board

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According to a new poll, the majority of voters do not support implementing socialist policies into the American system.

A poll by Public Opinion Strategies surveyed Americans on one of the main issues of the 2020 election. The results of the poll showed that an overwhelming majority of Democrats are for implementing policies like universal health care and free college, with 77 percent supporting such ideas.

The majority of American voters overall, however, don’t appear to agree. According to the poll, a whopping 51 percent want to avoid socialist policies.

Voters were asked to respond to a statement that read: “The country would be better off if our political and economic systems were more socialist, including taxing the wealthy more to pay for social programs, nationalizing health care so that it’s government-run and redistributing wealth.”

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“Significant majorities of key 2020 swing voter groups like white suburban women (40 percent agree/57 percent disagree), voters in key ’20 presidential states (42 percent agree/54 percent disagree) and suburban voters (41 percent agree/56 percent disagree) all disagree with this statement,” the survey analysis revealed.

On the other hand, the survey results revealed that Democratic voters, in particular, believe that the country would be better if socialist policies were implemented.

“Potential Democratic primary voters are even stronger in their agreement with this statement. ‘Strong’ Democrats (representing 22 percent of the electorate) agree with the statement by 80 percent-17 percent, with a majority (54 percent) strongly agreeing,” the survey analysis revealed.

The survey comes as Republican leaders like President Donald Trump rebuked socialism. During his second State of the Union Address earlier this month, the president declared, “America will never be a socialist country.”


Nonetheless, several of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates have announced their support for moving the country in a more socialist direction.

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Rocky Drummond

The Washington Examiner?

“These media sources are moderately to strongly biased toward conservative causes through story selection and/or political affiliation.” (from MediaBiasFactCheck) They use trigger words to load their comments.

Their main survey question, here, was also designed to get the response that they wanted.


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