Tim Allen Skewered Hillary Clinton 5 Times in a Single ​Scathing​ Episode of ‘Last Man Standing’

On his show “Last Man Standing,” comedian Tim Allen plays Mike Baxter, a father of three daughters trying to “maintain his manliness.” For Baxter, that means calling it like he sees it, including when it comes to politics.

In an episode that aired October 9, the Baxters receive a fundraising letter from presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, igniting a debate, with Baxter and his junior ROTC daughter Eve trading barbs with mom Vanessa, who supports Clinton because she’s a woman.

Here are five times the Baxters zinged Clinton in an ongoing joke that ran throughout the entire episode:

  • “Wow. Hillary Clinton’s asking us for money. Will her string of mistakes never end?”

  • “The hits keep on coming, but she’ll never top Benghazi. That’s her Stairway to Heaven.”

  • “Yeah, that’s the kind of screw-ups that happen when you spend all your free time deleting e-mails.”

  • “Mom, I know you love the show ‘Scandal’, but do you really want to watch it every night for four years?”

  • “I just don’t think Hillary’s that strong. I feel like Congress could cheat on her, and she’d just look the other way.”

It wasn’t the first time ‘Last Man Standing’ has poked fun at politicians, which reportedly came under fire from ABC for referring to President Obama as a “communist.”

Seemingly undeterred, Allen made it clear during a Q&A session in August that the new season of his show wasn’t going to shy away from political arena, noting that it would be “great for the storyline” if Clinton continued to lead Democratic polls, but “horrible personally” for the actor.

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