6-Year-Old With 500,000 Followers Is Being Called the ‘Most Beautiful Girl in the World’

With social media taking the world by storm, it seems as though no age is too young to get started.

Just take 6-year-old Anastasia Knyazeva, who has more than 500,000 Instagram followers and has been dubbed “the most beautiful girl in the world” by her fans, the Mirror reports:


Knyazeva hails from Russia, and while she may be young in years, her modeling career is that of a veteran, already being the face of the massive Russian brand Chobi Kids.


Her Instagram account was started by her mother when she was just 4, and since then, fans have flooded in from all over the world to follow Knyazeva and her doll-like look:


On each photo Anastasia’s mother posts of her, fans flock with comments about how beautiful they find her to be.

One person has commented:

“OMG .. I think she is the most beautiful girl on the earth !!”

While another wrote:

“Very very beautiful, I love you??????”

As well as:

“Wooow these eyes are amazing?”


“Very very beautiful ?”


Many are comparing her to French model Thylane Blondeau, the youngest model to pose for Vogue at just 10:


Blondeau was previously considered the world’s “most beautiful girl” prior to Knyazeva’s splash into the world of modeling:


While Knyazeva may be dubbed the prettiest girl on earth, all one can truly hope for is that she’s happy and healthy.

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