8 Most Damning Takeaways from ‘October Surprise’ Email Hack from WikiLeaks–This Looks REALLY Bad

WikiLeaks has dropped a second round of hacked emails from the Center for American Progress, which is run by close Clinton adviser John Podesta. The emails contain revealing information about Hillary Clinton from her most trusted Democratic confidantes.

Hillary Clinton will neither confirm nor deny the authenticity of the latest WikiLeaks release, but her campaign continued its accusation that the Kremlin is behind the hacks. As the Chicago Tribune reports, “Podesta has acknowledged his emails were hacked, but warned the messages may have been altered or edited to do political damage to Clinton.”

Here are eight of the most “damning” takeaways from the latest hacked email release.

1. Everyone Knows Hillary Is a Liar

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According to Podesta, Hillary Clinton should stop attacking Bernie, especially when she “says things that are untrue…which candidly she often does.” Clinton has struggled with the public perception that she is fundamentally dishonest.

In the previous email leak on Hillary’s paid Wall Street speeches, she spoke of the necessity of always having “both a public and a private position.”

2. Hillary’s ‘Real’ Views on Gay Marriage

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As mentioned at BuzzFeed, Hillary Clinton explained her Defense of Marriage Act support to Rachel Maddow in 2015 as a “defensive action that her husband backed in 1996 to stop anti-gay forces from ‘going further’ and passing a constitutional amendment banning same-sex couples from marrying.” The email shows this to be a load of malarkey.

3. Saudi Arabia Funds ISIS

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The email speaks candidly about Qatar and Saudi Arabia funding the terrorist group ISIL. As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton neither brought this threat to U.S. national security to light nor appears to have taken any aggressive action in response to it.

4. Donna Brazile Was Clinton Mole at DNC


Donna Brazile, current interim DNC chair and former CNN contributor, fed the Clinton campaign information about her rival Bernie Sanders’ planned Twitter attack during the 2016 campaign. Brazile earlier called the Wikileaks organization “thugs.”

5. Democrats Know Min. Wage Is Bad for Employment

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As reported by Red State, the Democratic Party ceded several times in an email that minimum wage has harmful effects on unemployment, but it planned to support the policy, regardless. An illustrative exchange also discusses calling the Democratic base the “Red Army.”

6. Democrats Plotted to Push Trump, Others to Become Nominee

There are a few email threads on this. One associate in the media emailed Podesta:

Screenshot - 10_11_2016 , 7_04_18 AM

The second email is more substantial. In a strategy meeting, the following was decided:

Screenshot - 10_11_2016 , 9_05_49 AM

After discussing the need for the HRC presidential campaign and the DNC to be in alignment (a suggestion of DNC subversion), it goes into the need to make whomever the Republicans nominate “unpalatable” to the majority of voters.

The Center for American Progress also sought to get these candidates nominated:

  • Ted Cruz
  • Donald Trump
  • Ben Carson

The emailed document discusses “Pied Piper” candidates and the need to “elevate” them to become “leaders of the pack,” while “tell[ing] the press to [take] them seriously.”

7. Benghazi Is a Legitimate Issue

Screenshot - 10_11_2016 , 7_36_38 AM

The email leak shows acknowledgment that criticism of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for failing to secure the Benghazi diplomatic compound is “legitimate.” Four U.S. service members died in the absence of an effective rescue mission attempt. Note: This section appears to be cut from a news story written by Kurt Eichenwald, and do not belong to Sidney Blumenthal.

8. Hillary’s Lawyer Admits to Obstruction of Justice

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The key thing here, as Vice writer Michael Tracey points out, is that “Clinton family lawyer David Kendall writes to clarify that the HRC legal team did not turn over key email data to the State Department.” As Tracey notes, Clinton’s failure to fully cooperate with the State Dept.’s internal investigation was revealed by the IG report.

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