ISIS-Flag Waving Man Shouts Propaganda at a College. No One Cares. Then He Pulls Out Another Flag…

The University of California, Berkeley is regarded by some as an institution where the best and brightest go to receive their college education. An institution that has endeavored to teach the future of the U.S. For some, that might be a concerning prospect.

A video produced by Ami Horowitz shows him waving an ISIS flag at a campus of the University of California, Berkeley. Many of the students walked past, unconcerned or without any sense of outrage, as he waved the flag of an organization that has already viciously murdered three American citizens and is spreading through the region on a campaign of mass slaughter and torture.

Then, after Horowitz pulls an Israeli flag out, that’s when it starts to get concerning. As the Israeli flag is being waved, many of the students passing by take time to express their rage towards Israel. Many of the students throw out slurs and obscene gestures. Those who have something to say called the Israeli government mass murderers.

That anyone would object to a nation that defends itself is not only confusing but disturbing. What is more disturbing is that no one on that campus had anything much to say in regards to ISIS. As it turns out, most Berkeley students seem to find the tiny state of Israel more offensive than ISIS.