A Day at the Museum with Ivanka Trump Shows Even a Butterfly Can Bring a Mom and Son Together

On a snowy Thursday afternoon in Washington, D.C., Ivanka Trump decided to take a break from politics to tour the city with her three-year-old son, Joseph Frederick Kushner.

She was spotted by visitors as she walked around the Insect Zoo at Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History (NMNH).

Then, a few minutes later, Ivanka took some time to marvel at the butterflies inside the live Butterfly Pavilion.

As she walked around the exhibit, a paper kite butterfly, also known as a tree lymph or rice paper butterfly, landed on the tip of her finger. Joseph looked pleased as he learned more about butterflies alongside his mom.

Exploring the wonders of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History ?

Posted by Ivanka Trump on Thursday, February 16, 2017

The paper kite butterfly is an Asiatic species related to the same subfamily of butterflies as Monarchs. Compared to many butterfly species, the paper kite has a much higher ratio of wing size to body size. It flaps its wings less frequently than other butterflies, which gives it a more graceful appearance when in flight.

The Butterfly Pavilion is home to dozens of different butterfly species from around the world. It recently reopened in the beginning of February after a short renovation to help clean the exhibit and replace some of the plants. The once-temporary exhibit also celebrated its 9th anniversary on Valentine’s Day.

Here’s a look inside the pavilion during a more extensive renovation two years ago.

According to Randall Kremer, Director of Public Affairs at NMNH, the museum was aware that Ivanka and members of her family would be visiting.

In an email interview with Independent Journal Review, Kremer wrote:

“My understanding is the visit was based on their interest in natural history subject matter, and as you noted, the Butterfly Pavilion. They also visited Last American Dinosaurs.”

Ivanka has been known to take a few excursions, both announced and unannounced, during her time in Washington. Three weeks ago, she visited the National Cathedral for the official inaugural interfaith prayer service:

She spent some time at Michelle Obama’s favorite gym, SolidCore, under a false name:

Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner also snuck away for a date night at a new restaurant, RPM Italian, in early February, according to The Washington Post.

The National Museum of Natural History is located a few blocks away from the White House. Her brief trip is expected to be one of many family excursions around the capital.

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